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When an older person moves into residential aged care they may experience many complex emotions, and it can be a difficult time. But what about the family and friends who had been caring for the older person before they moved to the facility?

This resource is designed for you, the family and friends of aged care residents, to give you all of the tools and resources you need to support your family member and look after yourself, whilst providing reassurance as the transition is made.

Much of the content for this website has been sourced from information provided in a booklet “Moving Into An Aged Care Home – Support Pack for Families” developed by Advocare Incorporated in 2015. Advocare Inc. is the peak Western Australian organisation in the promotion of older people’s rights and the prevention of elder abuse.

To establish a national resource, information has also been sourced from other peak elder rights and abuse prevention organisations across Australia. Advocare Incorporated led the development of this website.

Funding from the Australian Government Department of Health (Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund) brought this project to fruition.

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Disclaimer: GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY. The information contained in this website is general in nature and subject to change. Please check with relevant organisations in your individual state/territories for specific information, before making decisions.

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